The Federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful?

March 28, 2018

The city of Rio de Janeiro is beautiful. Since the beaches, the sights, the paradisiacal places are not invaded by bandits, or by tanks of war, Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful. The federal intervention in the area and security services of the state of Rio de Janeiro, including as to the city Carioca, has aroused in society, and in the legal media comments, conflicts, fierce disputes for the best opinion, by the more precise opinion on the Subject. Still, in my opinion, it is early to ascertain or measure the consequences of federal intervention in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Would there be different solutions than the entrance of the Army, the Navy and the aeronautics, in an incisive, overwhelming way in the streets, neighborhoods, houses, slums, of the cariocas? Yes, there would be. Simple and Utopian solution: that all abide by the laws in force. However, the intervention is necessary, with limits. The fundamental rights of the citizen, the resident and the domiciled in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, must be respected. On a wheel of friends on the beach, for example, with collective warrants of search and seizure, of prison, all could be arrested, although without suspicious attitudes, or even (and the worst) suffer aggression, be hit by bullets), fact that does not differentiate from the current frame . But who and what will limit the performance of the armed Forces? At first, nothing. Now, there's no point in complaining. They stole the river, tried to steal the beauty of the river, managed in part. The river will always be beautiful. Its inhabitants, however, many will not even feel the most beautiful river. You will actually feel the most violent, lifeless, suspicious river in war. In addition, federal intervention, approved by the House of Deputies, ratified by the Federal Senate, will surely be a political springboard for the president to fear, because of the imminent presidential elections. But the right is right (obvious): Before the Carioca lived with the dirt (and did not notice) of Governor Cabral, with the omission and dirt of Mayor Paes, all linked in the filth of the politicians of the time, rulers of the time. The Carioca was held hostage to the political filthiness of rampant corruption, fueled by trafficking, perhaps even without noticing the bad smell of it all. But right now, it's right. The Carioca will live with the unbridled cleaning of the crime, if the federal intervention was successful in the security of the state. It is a kind of cleanliness that has never been seen in the constitutional history of Brazil. Never in this country…… had such a fact occurred. And that will reflect in the country. I think that cleaning when radical, no doubt, kills the microbes, burns the virus, decimates the dust, but according to the proportion of the detergent employed, also kills the plant, "eats the Hand", paralyzes the heart. Beware Brazil! Fundamental rights are untouchable, and neither the greatest cleanliness has the power or constitutional authorization to deteriorate the essence of democracy: the right. Finally, the beautiful becomes opaque, if the beauty of cleanliness is too much. I've been saying. Oton Nasser lawyer since 1990.

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