Innovative office and focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

We have an innovative profile and focused on the satisfaction of our customers, with striking and prominent characteristics in the legal world by the agility in the definition and execution of legal services, information of procedures, creativity, ideas and Conflict solutions that enable our customers to maximize their resources. With a team of consolidated specialists in the market, the office Oton Nasser Advogados Associados is today one of the most prestigious law firms in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and with expansion in the city of Sao Paulo and other capitals of Brazil. Our interventions comprise labor, civil, business, contractual, tax, property, corporate and legal demands, consultations and preventions, and situations which, with the observance of the Federal Constitution and the laws Infra, with the law of advocacy, we seek to solve unprecedented issues which are submitted to us. More than creating processes, we seek the solution of these in the shortest time possible.



Comprometidos, amparados na ética, prevenimos conflitos e se instaurados atuamos para atingir o êxito mediante a defesa incansável e implacável dos direitos e interesses dos clientes.



Ser reconhecido nacionalmente, como a banca de advocacia que previne, que atua e que proporciona alto índice de resolução de conflitos.



Prosperidade, ética, comprometimento, satisfação do cliente e aprendizagem contínua.

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