Civil Law

Family The office Oton Nasser Lawyers Associates seeks to assist their clients in the solution of conflicts related to family areas and succession with the correct advice to address the following issues:-Food (application for concession, revision, exoneration and execution); -Marriage (scheme of goods and Covenant, sharing of Goods, stable union-recognition and dissolution); Divorce; -Adoption-guard; Ban; -Inventory and sharing; Whether in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings the Office operates in the elaboration, follow-up of lawsuits of inventory, development, sharing, and also in the participation of the formation of public scriptures of shares of goods (inventory, winding). Testament. Since its formation or even the follow-up and judicial approval of wills, the Office acts in an incisive manner in such procedures.   Contracts of a civil nature, it issues opinions and acts contenciosamente.   Consumer performance for service providers, suppliers of products, industries, companies, as well as for the consumer, in a preventive and contentious manner. The Office's mission is focused on conflict resolution, in a quick, practical, safe way.   Civilian in general. Notwithstanding the specific fields reported by the Office, we act in the civil field in general, litigation and preventive, in human relations and these linked to movable property, real estate.


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