Federal special courts of the 3rd region intimate parts via WhatsApp

March 28, 2018

The initiative of the Federal Judiciary is commendable to implement the effectiveness and agility of procedural acts. The electronic tool "WHATSAPP", inserted in the daily life of people, can, yes, be used to enforce the principles of speed and procedural economics. Any invalidities should be questioned by the parties impaired in the said process, from which it originated the subpoena order. The initiative of the Federal judiciary may reach all courts, it is sufficient that such institutions of the judiciary, with the support of the OAB, the public Prosecutor and the judiciary itself, can in future express solidarity for such acts and Electronic tools. We are in the age of cooperation between the powers. It is unacceptable for the process to remain paralyzed for months or years, in search of the subpoena of the parties. The lawyers of the perpetrators and defendants must cooperate equally. Let's not forget the new code of Civil procedure-Article 269, § 1. of the CPC/2015-"It is provided to the lawyers to promote the subpoena of the lawyer from the other party by means of the mail, joining the records, following the copy of the subpoena and the notice of receipt. Complaining about the tardiness of justice in some courts is not enough to expedite the process. As lawyers we do our part. and WHATSAPP.   Oton Nasser. Owner of the Oton office Nasser associated lawyers.

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