9 points that the MP 808 brought to labor reform

March 28, 2018

On the 14.11.2017 day, the provisional measure 808 was edited by the Federal government. What has changed in relation to the validity of the law 13.467-2017, labor reform: 1. Entities operating in the health sector may establish an individual written agreement, collective convention or collective agreement the 12X36 working day; 2. For the purposes of compensation for moral damages, having as a victim employed or employer-against goods legally protected to the physical person: ethnicity, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation; 3. Compensation for moral damages-corrected to the maximum value of the benefits of the General Social security scheme-currently-R $5,351.31; Before it was about the last contractual salary; 4. If the question of compensation for moral damages has been resolved, by a judgment carried out on trial (no more appeal), up to two years, if there is recurrence, the indemnity will be doubled. 5. The indemnity on offences reported is not applicable in the event of the death of the worker or the employer; 6. Pregnant Maid-you will be removed from any unhealthy activities, operations or places, and work in a healthy place. Thus, the additional unhealthy remuneration in these cases shall be excluded; 7. Lactating Maid-will also be removed from unhealthy activities, through proof-attestation of health-of the harm to the health of the pregnant woman and the baby; 8. Autonomous worker-only continuously or not, it deviates from the incidence of article 3 of the CLT. You can't celebrate exclusive clause. If you work only for a service taker you will not be employed, and no matter the employer's activity; 9. Drivers, commercial representatives, realtors, partners and workers from other professional categories regulated by specific laws, will no longer be employed; However, present legal subordination will be employed.

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