Public law

Our office specializes in public law, with experience in Municipal law, having a greater emphasis on tax and administrative issues. Our differential is to understand the true role of the management of the public thing, which has as main premise the principle of legality. Seeking the true integration between the legal aspects and the public management, we seek to guide the municipal managers, acting preemptively on administrative issues, as well as developing the activity of litigation advocacy ( Judicial demands). By understanding that the political aspect is paramount and indispensable in a municipal public administration, we act in defense of public managers in the demands that may in some way interfere in municipal public management, and provide advice in Electoral period. We have a wide network of relationships with companies providing services to the public with whom it develops a relationship of partnership and integrated activities, enabling a systemic view of the public administration. Our office has an important bias in the advisory support to the legislative power, with an advisory, consultancy and advocacy for municipal chambers, such as judicial or extrajudicial defense, as well as preventive work, improvement of the technique Legislative and training, making laws and producing opinions, always seeking to deal mainly with the legal aspects of greater relevance.


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