Environmental law

Acting in environmental law in the most different biomes and Brazilian regions, in the administrative and judicial areas both in preventive and administrative and judicial litigation. We provide consulting with the issuing of opinions, monitoring of administrative processes of environmental licensing and environmental offences, as well as participation of civil and criminal judicial proceedings linked to environmental legislation. We work in the area of environmental certification and thus act in the implementation of the identification, updating and monitoring of the legal requirements of the management system established in the form of international standards ISO 14001.   Thus, the team acts incidentally in the following activities: • Consultancy in environmental legislation and advice on obtaining and managing licenses with the agencies and government bodies of environmental protection; • Assistance in the conclusion of terms of adjustment of conduct, as well as the elaboration of administrative and judicial defenses; • Customer orientation on possible risks involving environmental matters and definition of strategy of action. • Preventive environmental advisory; • Monitoring of administrative procedures of environmental licensing, renewal of licensing or procedures of administrative penalties; • Application for water concession or forestry authorisation; • Participation in the elaboration of studies and environmental impact reports and recovery plans for degraded/impacted areas. Monitoring of compliance with the conditions of the environmental impact study; • Advisory and follow-up to the conclusion of a compromise, together with the environmental agency; • Monitoring and defense in judicial proceedings involving administrative infractions, public civil actions, actions for individual damages and environmental crimes; • Advice and follow-up of the term of conduct adjustment (TAC), next to the public prosecutor; • Elaboration of legal opinions on environmental law; • Technical support for the analysis and elaboration of environmental standards, with the environmental councils in the three spheres of government; • Technical support for analysis and elaboration of environmental laws; • Research of environmental norms and laws of an international nature; • Provision of legal advice to non-profit civil societies that end up defending the environment or cultural heritage; • Structuring of environment system for States or municipalities; • Provision of legal advice for the elaboration and implementation of environmental programs and projects, creation of conservation units or cultural heritage defense; • Legal advice and advice on the implementation of the item of legal requirements for compliance with ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 management system certification standards; • Elaboration of database in environmental legislation, health and occupational safety and social responsibility applicable to the productive Unit; • Maintenance of database for clients ' access to the legal and technical standards of all Brazilian federal units regularly updated; • Legal advice for the elaboration of environmental diagnostics, health and occupational safety and social responsibility; • Assistance for coordinating courses and seminars for companies, students and professionals; • Participation in the elaboration of environmental projects to be contracted by the Government by bidding and projects prepared by social organizations of public Interest (OSCIPS) for the purpose of obtaining funding; and • Mediation of conflicts related to the environment.

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