Tax law

The office operates in tax law in the administrative and judicial fields, with the objective of ensuring the correct application of the tax laws to your business. Thus, the team guides its customers in adopting measures that reduce risks and minimize impacts in order to deploy an operational improvement system and without inconsistencies of data transmitted to the IRS. In this respect, the tax management offered allows the lifting of the main problems faced in the business daily and how to attend the fiscal authorities inspections. Thus, the team acts incidentally in the following activities: • Web conferencing/videoconference for presentation of results; • Monitoring of legislative and jurisprudential modifications; • Issuing reports with targets in the competent fiscal year; • Elaboration of strategic tax planning through analysis of the company's accounting and fiscal histories; • Filing of lawsuits aiming to protect and safeguard rights; • Elaboration of administrative defenses aiming at the annulment of the infringements; • Conducting procedural defenses with appeals to the higher courts.


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