Electoral law

We are prepared to advise our clients in the region of Mato Grosso do Sul in matters related to electoral law and other issues that cover electoral legislation. The team of lawyers is constantly updating and able to act in front of legislative innovations, in all state spheres, especially in Campo Grande, three lakes, gold and the whole southern region Grosso. Our work is based on the thorough study of electoral law jointly the factual application in the face of the necessity of the search for full party coexistence and the compulsory adequacy of the right to this new reality. With this focus, the office offers solid advice to our clients in the harvest of electoral law, with emphasis on the following topics:

  • Issuing opinions on electoral and partisan legislation in force
  • Electoral disputes related to ineligibility, registration of application, diploma or exercise of the elective mandate
  • Defenses for state or federal deputies, mayors, aldermen in electoral judicial investigations
  • Oral support against the Regional electoral Tribunal-TRE or Superior electoral Tribunal-TSE
  • The interposition of ordinary, special or extraordinary resources for candidates, parties or coalitions.
  • Follow-up of electoral calendar dates
  • Advisory and Electoral litigation
  • Advisory for campaign financing, donations limits, directory formation or partisan funds, electoral campaign structuring, guidelines for fundraising and application of financial resources
  • Legal advice on advertisements, right of reply, publications, disclosures and surveys served to the party and the candidate
  • Public agent conduct consultancy, electoral representation
  • Administrative measures
  • Acting during electoral justice
  • Claims and electoral representations, administrative judicial measures in civil and Criminal judgment;
  • Resources and electoral actions. Popular actions, public civil actions, responsibility, indemnification.
  • Advisory in electoral accounting and campaign finance
  • Risk analysis of administrative contracts and government projects
  • Advisory and consultancy on issues related to electoral law (Law n. ° 4737/65), Federal Constitution, Law of ineligibility (Complementary Law No. 64/1990), Law of Political parties (law n ° 9096/95), Law of Elections (Law No. 9504/97), complementary Law No. 35 , of 14.3.79, complementary Law No. 75, of 20.5.93, complementary Law No. 78, of 30.12.93, complementary Law No. 80, of 12.01.94, dockets of the TSE, provisions of the CGE, normative instructions, ordinances, resolutions, decrees.

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